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The Paragraph Of Good Citizen For Class 6 to Higher

Good Citizen

Good Citizen

A good citizen is a responsible member of a family and a conscious person of a society. It is very important to become good citizens because the development of the nation mainly depends on the activities of the citizens of the country. To become good citizens we have to become active both at home and in the society. There are many things our parents and others do at our home. But often they need our participation. We can carry things from one place to another. We can go to the nearby shops and buy things for our families. Then we can easily take care of our younger when our parents are busy otherwise. Besides, we can take part in washing, cleaning and decorating our home. Even we can comfortably help our mothers in their cooking and preparing various food items. These activities of ours can help a lot to the betterment of our family environment. This attitude of cooperation should also be extended outside our home. We can do many good things for development of our locality. Beautiful relation and better understanding are most important in this regard. We can work to establish an environment of beautiful relation among the people of our locality. We can do this great thing by doing small activities easily. Often people in our localities hold various social, religious and cultural programs. We can eagerly participate in these programs. We can do that according to the need and instructions of the elderly social leaders. Then frequently the roads and streets of our areas need repair and servicing. We can voluntarily work to repair them. Besides, we can work together to construct new roads and pavements to facilitates public movement and easy transportation throughout our localities. Moreover, we can go gracious activities to the weak and poor of our areas. A small loan of economic help can make a poor man self-reliant. We can arrange such financial help for them that can lead the whole society to a healthy environment. Thus our active participation in different activities both at home and in the localities can make our living atmosphere comfortable, happy and healthy. And this is how we can become good citizens.


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