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The Paragraph Of Environment Pollution Class 6 to Higher

Environment Pollution

Environment Pollution

All our surroundings including air, water, soil, trees, and animals make up our environment. When the normal relations among these elements of natures are disturbed, the ecological balance is hampered and it is called environmental pollution. Environment is polluted by way of pollution of the factors that constitute it. Air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution and odour pollution together with deforestation are the main conditions that pollute environment. The impact of environment pollution is very dangerous. The smoke from factories and other vehicles contains harmful substances like carbon-monoxide and sulfur-di-oxide. These hamper the cleanliness of the air. Mills and factories set up on river banks let out chemical wastes in to the river water. These poisonous substances are destroying the plants and aquatic life. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers used in agriculture are also polluting water. When people drink this water or take a bath in the polluted water, they are attacked with stomach and skin diseases. Besides, the birds and beasts have to lose their habitats and are badly affected by environment pollution which may often bring about the extinction. Environmental pollution may be controlled by taking different measures. We may increase after station. If trees are planted in large numbers, we can be benefited in different ways. Trees also increase rainfall and prevent air pollution. Laws should be passed to prevent factories from dumping wastes. Moreover, every conscious individual and institution should come forward to solve this problem for the sake of our existence.


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